I decide!

I’m back! Well technically been here the whole time just haven’t written. So get ready for a book and a half!

Saturday AKA Prep Day!

First thing I did was cook my roast. Now meat can sometimes be expensive if you aren’t careful and I undoubtedly spent close to 18 dollars on this thing but I got 3 meals out of it! So to begin with I put some sliced carrots, some leftover white onion that was already chopped, a little green onion, some whole garlic and some grated ginger in the crock pot. Then I put my slab of meat on top.


I covered it and cooked it for like 8 hrs on low. You can do less I just didn’t need it that soon and it was smothered in juices.


Looks yummy yes!

I also made a cabbage salad called Bert’s Salad. I’ll post the recipe later. I made a few modifications (omitted the ramen noodles and sesame seeds (replaced butter with ghee, soy sauce with coconut aminos and sugar with dark brown sugar) It was beyond yummy!

097 098 099 102 105 104

I was super hungry so before I did anything else I ate. I also ate this for dinner on Sunday.

Next thing I made was my wonderful muffins and bacon for breakfast. I ran out of pecan so I just made them without. They are still pretty good but the pecans make them so much better.


I also made my tortilla strips but got smart this time. I knew the dough was gonna be really sticky so I coated my hands in olive oil and then flattened it as much as possible. Once that was done just cut pieces and fried again. They were a little thick this time but still yummy!


Also made some more cookie dough bars cause they are amazing!!!

107 108

One amazing thing I did make this time are chocolate chip cookie bars. http://tasty-yummies.com/2013/01/22/grain-free-chocolate-chip-cookie-bars-gluten-free-dairy-free/   Seriously these taste like the real thing. Even my grandmother has been devouring them!

110 111 113 114

Grease the pan, whip up the batter and what you get is amazing!!


Sunday! Yet another Birthday Party!

So I went to my Nephews party on Sunday and was planning on eating the food my best friend had made. We had talked earlier in the week about it and she said she was going to make pulled pork sandwiches. So I figured great I will just eat the meat and all will be good. Well when I got there she said they had changed their mind and was sending her husband to get pizza. So I decided instead of eating horrible pizza or starving to death I’d give him money to get me wings. So I had mild wings for lunch. Probably/most likely not paleo prepared but better than pizza or starvation. And yes that is horrible processed ranch dressing. Give me a break the wings were hot to me and I didn’t really use that much.



I also had a cupcake. Yes a non-paleo full of grain and dairy cupcake. I think one of the biggest things about this change has been the fact that I make conscious decisions about everything that goes in my mouth and most the time advanced decisions. I knew I was going to birthday party and I decided early in the week that I would allow myself one small piece of cake or a cupcake. So that’s what I did people and I didn’t feel one ounce bad about it!




I had the day off Monday but I felt horrible and actually got sick so I took it easy and lightly munched on stuff I had around the house. The main issue is that when I normally feel that way I go straight for bread or crackers. This time I didn’t and I was proud of myself! This did make lunch on Tuesday a tad different but I gathered a few things and was good to go.


A much better day and taco Tuesday. I told you I would use that roast for 3 meals but have only explained 2. So this is the 3rd. I took the leftover meat and put it in my food chopper until relatively small. I then heated it in a pan and added water about a cup and a half it soaked it up easy and some seasonings. I only chopped a carrot and half a not so ripe avocado and added it with my already prepared tortilla strips.

148 149 150 151


It was really good the next day for lunch, with guacamole and plantain chips (which yes I know not the best but easy).



Yesterday I made the pecan crusted chicken and garlic mashed sweet potatoes that I’ve made before. The trick to the sweet potatoes was roasted garlic. If you’ve never roasted garlic you are missing heavenly goodness! All I did was grab some garlic cloves, wrap them in foil and stuff them in the oven at 350 until I was ready to put my chicken in. Also I cut my chicken into small strip like nuggets this time. And my Poppie wanted something spicy so I put wing sauce on a few for him.

156 158 157 159




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