That doesn’t look Paleo!

So someone mentioned to me that my food doesn’t look paleo. At first I was like “what the crap does that mean?” Then I realized its because my food looks good and otherwise normal. The thing is, I knew that I would not survive doing paleo if I couldn’t have some of my favorite things or stick to the convenience I already had on a daily basis. So what am I doing? I’m making things that are similar to what I would have normally ate but with paleo ingredients and at the same time I’m trying new things and expanding my pallet. And as I have mentioned previously what’s paleo for me, may not be paleo for you. With that I’d like to mention that yesterday I had an awesome revelation. I have not had my regular food babies (extreme bloating after eating that makes you look a few months pregnant, in my case about 5 months!) as I call them. Its amazing and it lets me know that paleo really is working for me.

More good news: Wednesday was a much better food day!

I took my chicken out of the freezer the night before, the one that had marinade already in it. When I was ready to cook I cut the chicken into strips and put it in a warm pan. Don’t throw that marinade away though it will become useful later! I browned each side then turned the pot down a little, poured in the saved marinade and then cover. Let it cook.


While that was cooking I made some sweet potato coins. I used my handy dandy slicer and cut nice round slices. I put an egg in one bowl and a almond flour and spice mix in another. I used garlic powder, onion powder and something else that I can’t remember. Anyway, once cut I put some ghee in a pan, tossed the sweet potato in the egg, then flour mixture and fried.


Once it was all done I kinda felt like I’d died and gone to heaven!


Thursday was a rough day. For one I had eaten a rotten muffin the day before. I realized something was wrong in my last bite. So Wednesday I made some more of the pecan molasses ones I had done before. I liked them better anyway, but because I had eaten a not so good muffin I was in the potty a lot on Thursday and my tummy hurt. Good thing I had a pretty simple mean planned. Using leftover chicken from last Saturday I was gonna make a chicken chili soup.  Recipe is here:

It was really simple and tasted really good but had some spice to it. Problem was in the middle of cooking my soup I had a major disaster. I seeded my jalapeno, put it in the soup and continued working. Do you see the problem here? I DID NOT WASH MY HANDS!!! At some point my eyes, nose and general face started burning like I thought my face was gonna burn off. Finally I realized it was cause I didn’t wash my hands and in an attempt to make my face stop burning I kept touching it! So, I washed my hands thoroughly then I washed my face about 3 times. First with warm water then splashed cold water and help a towel over my face and finally relief! That is probably the worst pain I have ever been in, EVER!!! Needless to say, I have learned my lesson.

I didn’t end up eating my soup cause something about eating spicy soup after your face almost melted from a jalapeno wasn’t working for me. Good thing I had chicken salad and egg salad in the fridge that I mixed together and ate for dinner and lunch the next day. Being prepared with things like that and snacks readily available have been a major reason for me sticking to this. Having good health conscious friends help too. In fact Friday night I was planning on making hamburgers but when my friends asked me to come over for some spaghetti squash I was all over it! So last night for dinner I had pesto chicken and spaghetti squash! It was yummy!!! This picture was when it was almost gone cause lets be honest I wasn’t too worried about taking a picture as I was shoveling this into my face. Also this is my friends plate and she added tomatoes I did not.


Another thing I’d like to mention is just because you aren’t in the comforts of your own home doesn’t mean you can’t do this. This morning my mom asked me to come over at 8 to watch the girls so she could take her friend to the airport. Being that it was Saturday I pretty much rolled out of bed, got my coffee and left. Before I did though I grabbed the six ingredients I needed to make my favorite muffins and made them at her house. Not only did I get to stick to my diet but I had a very cute helper.

IMG_4214 IMG_4215


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