Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

So if you don’t know anything about Florida then let me give you a weather lesson and debunk any myths. It is hot a lot here, but it isn’t always sunny. In fact, it rains a ton! Especially in the summer time. I mean like everyday at the same time in the summer. Its annoying really. Florida literally has the most bipolar weather system I’ve ever seen! This week for example, Monday: it was nice out low 70sish, Tuesday: Freezing, Wednesday: slightly cold, Thursday: cloudy and rainy and today: it was hot again. Like really make up your damn mind! For people with a slight form of OCD like me and pick out their clothes for the week in advance (I hope i’m not the only one that does this), there can be a real shock when you get outside or it throws me off when I have to pick out a new outfit in the morning.

Anyway on a cloudy and rainy Thursday I made meatballs! Now you, whoever you are, should be proud of me. I was offered free dinner yesterday afternoon after I went to a doctors appointment with my grandfather, who I call Poppie, to check up on his cancer. Now I’m normally all about free dinner especially when its rainy but I said no!


They were already made so I just thawed them out and put them on a cookie sheet in the oven at 425 for 25 mins


That may have been too long cause they were burned a little on the bottom.

While those were cooking I chop up a head of cauliflower into abour 2-3 inch chunks. Then I steamed them until they were  tender.


Then I put them in the food chopper with some ghee and some spices and processed. I had to do mine in several batches because my chopper is tiny.


And now there is mashed cauliflower.


I personally didn’t like the taste or texture really. I can’t describe the taste really but It wasn’t bad just not my thing. And the texture to me was more like rice. It did balance the spice of the meatballs though. I am starting to realize I can’t really hold my heat. Anyway the cauliflower helped tone it down for me. So even though I didn’t really like it, it did do a good job. In all it was yummy and I ate it for lunch today.

Now I forgot to take any pictures of my food today. Sad I know! All I did was cook those hamburger patties that I had prepared with bacon. When I say I cooked I mean my Poppie grilled. I did cheat with a tiny and I really mean tiny bit of mayo (I haven’t been able to create a paleo version with any success yet) cause a plain hamburger just isn’t fantastic. But as I started eating it the flavor of the bacon became seriously present and I stopped using the mayo. It was so good. I even ate a few of the chips I bought today.

They are pretty good and the ingredients aren’t bad.

Ingredients: Sweet potato, canola oil and/or safflower oil and/or sunflower oil, salt, evaporated cane juice, spices, garlic powder, cilantro. – See more at:

Only thing about them that is questionable is the evaporated cane sugar but It was buy these or spend way too much time making chips. Which is the better option I know but I decided to eat a little sugar in comparison to breaking my back!


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