Orange Orange

Yesterday was  a day of Orange veggies and a few episodes of my new favorite TV show Chuck! If you haven’t seen it I suggest you go to Netflix and watch some! I’m totally addicted.

Anyway yesterdays dinner was super simple. Pecan Crusted Chicken from Everyday Paleo (, Baked Sweet Potatoes and Carrots.

The Baked Potatoes were easy. If you’ve never done it all I did was take 3 sweet potatoes put them in a pan and stabbed some holes in them. Then I put them in the oven until they seemed soft enough. First at 350 because that’s what the chicken called for then I bumped it up to 450.

In order to make my chicken I mixed together my mustard and honey.


Then I tossed my chicken in it.


Then I put my crushed pecans on a paper plate and breaded my chicken.


Once it was covered I put it in a pan, sprinkled left over pecans on top then baked.



Lastly the carrots. I sliced them as thin as I could get and threw them in a pan with a teriyaki sauce I made out of the Amazing “Practical Paleo” book. You can find the recipe here with some other info about the book: . I don’t know how I am about pineapple but I am not a big fan of pulp so I omitted it from the recipe which made it very running but it gave my carrots a nice subtle flavor.



I cooked them in the pan until parts of them were slightly browned. They were not super soft and cooked completely through so there was still some crunch. My grandmother didn’t prefer them that way and would have liked them cooked more so if you like yours cooked more I’d suggest making a double batch of the sauce or boiling a little first.



Here is a picture of the chicken all done



And my wonderful plate of yummy orange!



I am not a big fan of sweet potatoes as is or really sweet so I put a little ghee on mine and then some garlic salt to give them more of a savory taste.

I feel so excited that I have even come this far. I think if my dad saw this plate he would freak out and ask me who I was and what I did with his daughter. We had many a fights about food when I was younger. It makes me proud of myself though that I have decided this for myself and not because I have to or because I want to loose weight. I’m doing this for me to be healthy. Hands down that is it! There will be no big prize at the end, all though a million bucks would be nice, ok maybe i’ll have a donut! My point is that it is so nice to just be doing something for me for all the right reasons!

In conflict to being excited I do think I have carb flu! I’m pushing through it though but really I feel like I could pass out at any given time!! SO freaking Fatigued!!


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