Taco Tuesday

So today’s breakfast and lunch were same as yesterday so i’ll skip right ahead to dinner.

It’s Taco Tuesday!!! I had already pre-made the tortilla strips and taco seasoning which both recipes are on the prep post. For warning, the taco seasoning was really spicy or at least to my standards. Next time I will chill out on the red pepper and chili powder.

So I browned the beef, then strained it and then I added about 1 cup of water and 1/4 cup of seasoning and let it simmer until I felt like it was cooked enough. I’ve cooked tacos A LOT so it was pretty easy for me to estimate.

While my meat was cooking I cut up half an avocado and I put a carrot in my chopper. Carrots aren’t a normal taco veggie but I don’t like tomato and lettuce has become a digestive issue for me lately. I just happened to remember that i’d read somewhere that parents put carrots in tacos and their kids didn’t notice a thing but they still ate their veggies. So I tried it.


Once it was all cooked I layered a bowl with tortilla strips.



then I added my meat



then I added that yummy avocado and the carrots. And wallah, tacos!


and it was so freaking good!!!

On top of making an amazing dinner, I did my squats and I ran! Running was probably a horrible idea because it is cold out. Not as cold as the rest of the US but still running in 40 degree weather when you haven’t run in a long, long time probably isn’t the smartest idea. Like really I thought I was dying!

For proof…


I know not long at all but it still sucked! But the point is I did it. Hopefully the weather cooperates on Thursday and I can do my long run. And by long I mean like 3 miles…maybe! My goal as of now is to past 1 mile!


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