Wait I have to exercise too?

I’ve always said (quite hypocritically I might add) that not only do you have to eat right but you have to exercise or not only do you need to exercise but you need to eat right. One without the other is preposterous! How I see it is you can eat great all you want but you still aren’t burning those calories to look good or you can eat whatever you want and then work your ass off to get rid of those calories. If you want results (and I mean to just look and feel good aka be healthy) neither of those are really gonna work. You need to do both! 

So…in addition to the 30 day paleo challenge I am doing a 30 day squat challenge. 



Already did my 25 today!! 

I will also be running on Tuesdays and Thursdays. One long and one short run. 

All of this will not only make me healthy but it will prepare me for my year of mud runs!

That’s right I have decided that this year any runs I do will involve some sort of mud! First up is the Mud Mingle on January 25th! (http://mudmingle.com/mud-mingle-orlando/)

Hopefully all these squats will work up my leg strength! 


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