My first day/Going out to dinner

Wait what? Well if you happened to notice on yesterday’s prep post in the dinner section I went straight to Tuesday. Reasoning I’m going out to dinner on my first night of paleo. No I haven’t gone off the deep end but when my grandparents mentioned going to their favorite Monday spot with my aunt and uncle I thought I can still do this. So what am I having you ask? Take a look!



Wings! That’s what. Now normally I also get those yummy curly fries but today I said no! Self control people! I of  course should eat some sort if veggies maybe but frankly I prefer wings as just the meat! Now I can’t exactly verify what they make these with and I’m sure their chicken isn’t top quality but this might be as close as it comes going out and it’s way better then my normal pasta dish!

So don’t completely give up your life if you really enjoy some things. I know from experience that will never work. And in fact will easily cause failure. But I’ve learned that I kinda like the crazy cooking thing from scratch. It’s super fun!

Oh and just for evidence here was my muffin that I completely destroyed this morning with some bacon!



Seriously happy I didn’t have the whole pan with me at work cause I would have ate them all!

My apple and cashew butter snack.



My buffalo chicken lunch with guacamole and plantain chips. Which were all surprisingly good cold and mixed together!



And I had a sliver of a brownie and a handful of nuts today! I feel like such a good girl!!! And I love it!


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