So I know that this diet/lifestyle is going to be difficult for me and I also know that I can sometimes be the queen of excuses especially when it comes to doing something good for me that will take effort. I do this thing where I convince myself that its okay for me not to do that thing, that is good for me and then try to justify it to everyone else. It’s a way for me to not expend the extra effort. For example, I convince myself that because I wore heels and walked a lot at work that I don’t need to do the much needed run I had planned to do that day. “I already burned enough calories” or “I’m just too tired” are a few excuses I use regularly.

So I decided that on Sundays (or maybe Saturdays, this time it was a Sunday) I am going to prepare/cook every aspect of every meal that I can possibly manage. Why? Well, simple…to get rid of all those excuses!! How can I say I’m too tired when its already done or all I need to do is pull it out of the freezer and cook it? I can’t that’s how!! 

I can say that at this very moment I am exhausted!!!! I have been cooking and cleaning and cooking and preparing things all day pretty much! So here goes…

Oh! Before I move on I would like to mention that if you don’t have a food chopper/processor/blender you need one! It will make your life so much easier! You can buy a pretty cheap one at Walmart or you can do what I did and go have fun at Dave and Busters, win a lot of tickets and get one with your tickets!!!! Image



First thing I made today were these amazing Pecan Molasses Muffins from:

I made them last week with the Boyfriend and they were pretty good but this time I did three things different. 1. I used Almond Flour instead of Coconut Flour (I don’t like coconut and I have experimented with coconut flour and just decided I kind of don’t like it). This did make the batter quite a bit runny. 2. I made them full sized not mini. 3. I added Cinnamon to the tops before putting them in the oven. Either way they are good. 


I also made bacon! Yummy yummy bacon! 


When they were both finished I put two muffins and 3 pieces of bacon in baggies and now I have breakfast all week! I also had some left over bacon which will you see later! 


Whats a day without snacks and now I know I can be completely guilt free with the ones I made to day. 

First thing, I made was guacamole! I just tried avocados a few days ago and frankly I’m very upset with myself for missing out on this all these years! It is slightly bland but so versatile! All I did today was take two garlic cloves put them in my food chopper and chop them. Then I threw in a avocado, minced onion, cumin and chili powder. Blended and took it out. Then I decided it was a little too smooth and super strong on the garlic/onion side. So I threw in another avocado blended then mixed that with the previous blend and it was awesome! The great thing about making your own guacamole is that you can put whatever you want in it!!Image

 Now the main question is, what do you eat that guacamole with? Well baked Plantain chips that’s what! 

I go the recipe from:

They are super good and a great addition to the guacamole! You can see in the picture that some of mine are really brown. The instructions tell you to get those out before they get too dark but most things especially chips I just like burnt so I left mine. Another joy to cooking your own food! 


 I don’t have any pictures of this but I also put some cashew butter in a container and I’m planning on coring and slicing an apple in the mornings to take with me to work as an addition snack. 


Again I’m killing those excuses! I’m such a chocolate junky and I knew I would not survive without it! So as I was reading “Practical Paleo” I got really excited when I saw that she included a sweets section! I was literally stoked!! 

Anyway so I decided to make the mocha-bacon brownies. You can find the recipe in the book or this website has included it:

I did not include the bacon as I just wanted chocolaty goodness. Oh and follow the directions when it comes to parchment paper. I did not and ended up with brownies stuck to the pan but they still tasted yummy!!!



I highly recommend making a menu/plan before you go shopping so that you know exactly what you are making and you can be prepared and not make a million trips to the store (AKA saving money). 


So first dinner on my menu is tacos! I love tacos so much that they have become a staple in my life, so I decided I was going to incorporate them and make them one of my first paleo meals. 

First thing I did was buy some grass fed ground beef at whole foods. I got two pounds because I am also making hamburgers. I thawed out the meat and put a little more than half in a freezer zip-lock and stuck it back in the freezer for later. 

Then I made my own taco seasoning. I have had the ingredients in my phone for like a million years! I put three teaspoons of each in a container and stirred it up then stored it. Ingredients are: Garlic powder, Onion powder, Red pepper, Cummin and Chili powder. 

Finally I made tortillas…kinda. I used one recipe twice already but didn’t like the texture ( They were good but more like crepes. So I went searching for a new recipe and found this one:

Unfortunately, I am horrible at following directions. I used unblanched almond flour and I don’t have a tortilla press. 

The beginning turned out okay



But then when I tried to roll it not only did I have to use a crap ton of arrowroot powder for it not to stick this happened.


So I did what any cook should do and I improvised. I mean that’s what i’d been doing all along since I didn’t follow instructions to begin with. I cut the dough up into strips and fried them in the pan. So now when I make tacos I can eat my meat with crunchy tortilla strips. 





This was probably the easiest and quickest prep of the night! All I had to do was put some pecans in my chopper and grind them up nice and fine in order to bread some chicken that I will be baking! Don’t worry I’ll show the full meal and recipe on Wednesday.




Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Well it will be cloudy where I am and it will probably rain too and guess what I’ll be having for dinner? If you guessed meatballs you are so right!!

So this is another “Practical Paleo” recipe but you can also find it here:

All I did was mix up the meat and roll the mixture into balls then put them in a freezer bag and freeze them! Now they are all ready to back on Thursday!



Finally Friday:

Remember when I said I’d be using the rest of my ground beef for hamburgers? Well Friday it is! 


and not only that but I used the leftover bacon I had and crumbled it up into smaller pieces.


Took some meat smashed it down on a plate and sprinkled some bacon on it.


Then mixed it together and formed a patty. Did this twice to make two. 


And in the freezer they went!



Okay so you might be wondering why in the world I put dinner before lunch. Well I have decided to make my life easier and always save some of dinner for the next day’s lunch. Then I know I’m good to go. But what about tomorrow? I mean that is my first official day and on top of that I can honestly say that I indulged today meaning my leftovers are not paleo. So today I made food for my lunch. A simple and easy dish. 

I cut up some chicken breast into chunks and cooked them in a pan. 



When they were almost cooked completely I added some buffalo sauce (ingredients seemed okay but in the future I will get a different more paleo version).



when the chicken was completely done I scooped it into a container let it cool then put it in the fridge and now I have buffalo chicken for lunch!

So that was my day of prep. Each day I will do my best to show you my completed meals with the things I prepped/cooked today and whatever I make as their counterparts. I would like to end this post stressing something I have read in a numerous amount of blogs/books. What is paleo for me, may not be what is paleo for you. Basically, going paleo should be individualized for each and every one of us and what we need to be healthy. So I may be able to eat more sugary foods then you and you can probably eat a lot more onions than my body can handle. So if you gain anything from this blog (which i’m not really expecting, this is really my accountability) I hope you would gain that going paleo is about being the healthiest YOU can be! 



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