The Why!

Paleo. What the crap is it? I’ve heard the word before but all I can think of is dinosaurs. And I don’t know a lot about dinosaurs. In fact my three year old nephew knows a whole lot more than I do! Anyway, lets get back to the task at hand.

My very sweet boyfriend who also happens to be in the Marine Corps first brought up the idea of going on a paleo diet. He’s a lot healthier than me and works out a lot more. So he brought it up to me for himself and asked me what I thought. Well as previously stated all I thought about was dinosaurs, so I did some research. My first goal was to figure out what the crap this paleo diet really was.

Well I figured it out and immediately thought, “well you can have fun with that!”

Maybe now I should give you a run down of what it is. And please I don’t claim to be an expert of any kind I’m just getting started.

Basically you eat meat, vegetables, nuts and a little fruit. On top of that, you eat things in their whole forms. Basically, you don’t eat guacamole bought at the store, instead you MAKE guacamole from the Avocado you bought (or grew, which is the better option) and added your own spices to. AKA throw out the processed foods. On top of that anything you buy that is packaged read the ingredients.

So what about the bread, pasta,etc. Well that is where my previous animosity came from. On the paleo diet you remove all grains and legumes (beans). For some people that’s no big deal but for others, like me, this is horrible. Like seriously I’m eating a Krispy Kreme donut right now (just so you know NOT paleo). I am the pickiest eater in the whole world or I used to be when I was younger. Even now when I’m hungry the first thing I go to is a piece of bread with butter (oh yah and no dairy, for a while at least). And every meal I eat has some sort of grains attached.

Well if I’m so in love with grains then why am I doing this? Well all that research I did, had a lot of medical evidence for several different ailments. I suffer from a very unattractive digestive ailment called IBS-D. I’m not going to explain it here cause frankly its kinda gross but if you want you may do your own research on it. Recently this had seemed to get worse and more sporadic then it had ever been and I didn’t know what was causing it. What I found out from my paleo research is that many people that have IBS-D have experienced relief simply by following the diet. So I decided I’m going to try it.

So I’m going to start the paleo diet this Monday January 6th! Tomorrow I will be preparing and freezing/storing as many meals/parts of meals that I can for the week and I will be posting my results and sources as I go.

To help you do your own research check out these resources which also contain amazing recipes:

And finally an amazing book that I recommend “Practical Paleo” by Diane Sanfilippo (also her blog: This book is filled with an amazing amount of understandable information and meal plans for a variety of aliments. I’m telling you if you are serious about going paleo buy this book!!


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